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December 25, 2009 • Category: Brain Injury Articles

GiveBack, Inc. is a recovery group for traumatic brain injury (TBI). Its purpose is not to help survivors to accept new lives that offer them limited options, but rather to help recoverers to deal with their deficits, improve their functioning, become active, and regain self-control of their lives. Survivors are to be respected and honored [...]

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The Crisis over the Quality of Brain Injury Care (1)

We can be grateful for media attention, because it has finally taken brain injury rehab out of the closet. Until recently, the brain injury industry was unknown to the general public. Now in the glare of publicity, the bigger issues are beginning to hit the papers. Yesterday’s USA Today featured an article discussing our problems […]

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Helping You Family Member to Recover from a Head Injury (1)

INTRODUCTION This guidebook is the companion to Self-Therapy for Head Injury: Teaching Yourself to Prevent Head-Injured Moments. It instructs family members, friends, and other supporters in how to assist the survivor of a severe head injury in doing self-therapy. Each issue is introduced in a chapter in the self-therapy guide. The recovery strategies are also […]

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1. Why have meetings if the information is posted on the Web? GiveBack offers everyone a reference library on recovery techniques, but it does more for the towns with GiveBack chapters. GiveBack chapters create a community of their own filled with people who understand what you have gone through. In GiveBack meetings, members have their […]

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